Wednesday, August 14, 2019

What is Samsung Push Service?-The latest updated tech guide

What is Samsung Push Service? This is an amazing app that is known for sending brand-specific notifications to your phone. Samsung Push Service app might be already installed on your phone. If it is not installed, you can easily get this app from the Google Play Store. Once you have the app on your device, you can start using it right away! Now let us find out why you might want this app.

What is Samsung Push Service - The key uses of this app

If you are using a number of Samsung apps on your device, we are happy to inform that this app gives notifications for all of them. It means, whenever an app in the Samsung family has new information, you can see it through this app.  Therefore, this app can be an easy way to stay in the loop about everything happening in Samsung.
This can be identified as the Samsung notification app, as it sends notifications to your device whenever there is an update. These notifications are known as Push Messages. Let us now clearly understand what a Push Message is.

What are Push Messages?-What is Samsung Push Service?

It is a notification that pops up on your screen. These push messages pop up even when you are not using the app. There are a number of ways in which these messages come to your device. They might be displayed in the notification bar of your device. Or else, they will generate text-based notification messages, or sometimes, the application icons will be seen at the top of the screen.

The notification sounds

Samsung notification sounds can be customized easily as you wish. This can be done easily and quickly. You can master the Android notification bar for this. Or else, the simplest way to change the notification sounds on an Android phone is through the built-in process. This can be done is you are bored with the same old sounds that alert you on any notification. As Android phones are highly customizable, you can make good use of all the features it has.
You also have the ability to specify all kinds of notifications you see by adjusting the settings of the Samsung Push Service app. This can be done by visiting the Apps section of your phone. Remember that you will only be able to see find the app on your phone if you go into Show system apps first and look for Samsung Push Services there.

The downsides of using this app

Some users complain that this just a redundant application and it eats up the battery very fast. And also, there are also reports that the Samsung Push Service sends advertisements to the devices, which can be really annoying.
The notifications to update the app also annoy the users of this app. Therefore, if you also agree with those downsides of the app, you have the ability to disable this app. All you have to do is to follow a few steps that will be given to you, once you browse the Internet. Then, you can get rid of this app easily.

Those were some interesting things about the Samsung Push Service app. Hope it gave you an idea on the uses and the adjustments of notification sounds that can be made on this Samsung notification app.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Pandora Apk - Your Ultimate Entertainment Partner!

This is an amazing app for music freaks from all over the world. It is a trending application and is very popular for its great features. The users can easily find their favorite songs by using this app. Another interesting feature is that it supports many radio channels too, based on the favorite selections. This is a unique feature of the app. Pandora apk can be used totally free of charge this is totally virus free, so there is no risk of using this app. This is ideal for those who are in love with music. Now, let us pay our attention to the different versions of this app along with their features.

Pandora One app

This is a really amazing source of entertainment for those who love music. It has numerous amazing features which are the reason for it to be one of the most liked entertainment apps ever. One of them is that you will be able to skip songs multiple times. Not only that but also you are able to find your favorite songs without facing any problem. The ability to download songs and listen to them offline without a timeout is the main reason for the popularity of this cool app. It should be mentioned that this is advertisement free and therefore will not annoy you while you are enjoying. If you are interested to try out this app, you can easily download it from the web. Though this is not available n the Google Play Stores, there are links where you can download this quickly.

Pandora mod apk

The specialty of this version is that allows you to perform unlimited skips. This is absolutely an interesting feature for an app which streams music. And also, this is advertisement free, has no timeout and has a music downloader. It has a size of 26.4MB and this can also be downloaded very easily by the links available on the web.

What are the special features of Pandora plus?

This is a magnificent app with the best characteristics for incredible music experience. This offers much more services than the official Pandora One music app. Let us see what the special features of this version are. By using this app, you have the ability to save songs to enjoy them offline. The standard of the audio is also very high therefore you can have an awesome listening experience. This app lets you make your own playlist and add your most liked songs. This will make it easy for you to select a song quickly. You can enjoy the songs using your phone, tablet, or computer. Another interesting feature is that you can use voice function to search for the stations. These features make this a really cool entertainment source.
Those were some of the features of this amazing application and hope you got an idea about Pandora apk and how you can get it. So, if you are interested in trying this out, follow the guidelines to enjoy your loved songs in no time.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

iLauncher APK - OS9 Version Theme Download for Your Android Phone

The open market for apps on android allows multiple developers to showcase their work and it provides the users with a ton of options to choose from. There are numerous apps of different categories on android and the screen customization apps are amongst the most popular out there. The screen customization apps provides the users with the option of customizing the visual appearance of the graphical user interface on their phones. You can choose from a large number of screen launcher apps available on the Google play store and also choose to download iLauncher app from the store.
iLauncher apk

iLauncher apk - iOS 9 Features for Android

The iLauncher apk is a great launcher for home screen allows you the smoothest user interface experience that you can have on your phone. This app is available for more device that have android 4.1 or higher running on their devices. You get some of the top features when you install iLauncher - OS9 on your device. These features include no app drawer, ease of usage, gestures and personalization amongst others.

The no app drawer feature enables you to add all of your apps on desktop and you can access those apps directly from the desktop without requiring app drawer. This allows you to access your apps quickly without going into the app drawer and is thus convenient for the users. Another features that you get when you install iLauncher - OS9 on your device is the ease and comfort of use. With this app, the deletion as well as moving of apps is far more easier and convenient when you compare it to your default home screen launcher.

The iLauncher apk - OS9 also provides gesture feature capabilities for the users. You get the option of setting up multiple different gestures such as swipe down, swipe up as well as actions for the home button. These gestures provide an easier to complete multiple actions and makes your task of using your device even more simple and easier. Besides this you also get amazing personalization options with the iLauncher apk- OS9 home screen launcher app. For instance you can change the grid of the desktop, alter the speed of scrolling, choose to hide or show search bar, use different customizations for the preview of folders and a lot of other additional cool features.

iLauncher Download

This app has a compact size of 2.1 MB and has last been updated on the 23rd of February 2019. This app is made by mate software and it currently has more than a million downloads across different android devices.
The current version of the app  is 1.1.5 and the latest update requires the users to declare some sensitive permissions. Some of the primary permissions that the users are supposed to provide to the app include identity, contacts, phone, media, storage, Wi-Fi information, call and device id information and other peripheral permissions amongst others. If you want you can download the iLauncher pro apk from the internet or install the app from the Google play store.

The Fildo APK Music App Download for Your Android Latest Version

The android is a rich platform with thousands of apps made by multiple developers for the users across the world. Some of the popular categories of apps available on android include art and design, beauty, books, business, communication, education. dating, entertainment, finance, food, health, lifestyle, navigation, medical, music, news, productivity, shopping, social and sports amongst others. The Fildo music is a music player app in the music and audio category that offers the users the ability to play all of their music in an organized manner.
Fildo apk

Powerful features offered by the Fildo APK

The Fildo music app is one of the most powerful, fast and stylish music player out there in the market and it has got one of the most elegant designs to boot. This app allows the users to manage all of their music files conveniently and effectively. This audio player offered by Fildo music supports multiple audio formats such as MP3, MIDI, AAC raw FLAC and WAV amongst others.

Some of the amazing features that you get when you install the Fildo apk on your device are as follows. The app provides easy navigation through your music  and the ability to play songs based on albums, genres, songs, artists and folders. There is also a search filter in the app so that the users can find any of the song on their device quickly. The navigation provided in the app is extremely easy, intuitive and convenient to use. The app has got one touch control for navigating the music player as per your requirements.

The Fildo music app also provides the ability to make as well as edit the songs in the playlists. The app also provides an option of "mix" which basically plays any song randomly. This is one of the cool standard features because it promotes the curiosity amongst the people as to which song is going to play next. The lure of suspense is great.

Download Fildo apk for Your Android Phone

The Fildo music app provides the option of choosing album for your songs. This means that you can display custom covers on the music player as per your requirements. The app also offers the ability to control music from the notifications panel. This is a great feature that can be accessed by any user who has an android version of 5.0 or higher. It is important to note that the users with the lower versions of android might not be able to access this feature. If you want this app on a different platform then you can also find Fildo for windows and Fildo iOS apps on their respective platforms.
The Fildo music app has a download size of 5.2 MB and this app has been installed over 500,000 times by the users. The app requires the android version of 4.0 or higher and the current version of the app is 4.3.3. The Fildo music app has an average rating of 4.2 from the users which highlights its popularity. The Fildo application can be downloaded from the internet or you can choose to install the app from the Google play store.

SIM Toolkit Application for Android Phone - Download Latest Version

The Google play store is a massive platform for the numerous developers who want to launch their apps and products to millions of users. The platform hosts thousands of apps from multiple developers including established big shots and new entrants. Some apps are just for fun and entertainment whereas others are based on productivity to help make your life easier. The SIM Toolkit application from crazy-tech is a useful app that allows you to manage your SIM card and its related tasks.
SIM Toolkit

What to expect from SIM Toolkit application?

The SIM Toolkit application allows you to view the complete information related to your SIM card. The app provides the option of importing and exporting contact numbers, which is really useful when you are changing devices. The app also provides the users with the option of deleting and adding new phone numbers. The app also provides the option of making calls and sending messages from the app. The SIM Toolkit application is a complete SIM management app that makes managing your contacts, messages and calls easier in addition to providing you information about your SIM card.

The SIM Toolkit application also gives the users the ability to delete multiple numbers in one go and make calls as well as handle messages from within the app instantly. Using this application you can also copy numbers as well as text and paste in on the clipboard to be used for any future references. This is a great feature that is very productive and helps in saving time as well as efforts. The primary features offered by SIM Toolkit app include managing the contact number of the SIM, backing up phone number to the SD Card, importing the phone number from the SD Card to the phone storage and adding a new number to the device memory.

Apart from this the SIM Toolkit application provides a lot of detailed and comprehensive information regarding the SIM card as well as your network provider. For instance the SIM Toolkit application provides you information and details about SIM operator, SIM serial number, SIM IMSI, country of origin of the SIM, device id (MEID/IMEI/ESN), type of network, IMEI SV, active roaming status and network type amongst other information.

The popularity of the SIM Toolkit application is evidenced by the fact that the app has received an average rating of 4.3 from the users who have already downloaded this app on their devices. The size of this app is a lightweight 2.2 MB and this app requires an android version of 2.3 and higher for installation. The app has more than 100k installations and the current version of the app is 1.0. Some of the permissions that are required for this app include contacts, phone, media files and photos, storage, call and device id information, full access to the network and ability to view the network connections.

You have a Sim Toolkit Error, Download Latest version or Update Sim Toolkit App

You can download SIM Toolkit app from the Google play store or you can also download the SIM Toolkit apk from the internet.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Vidmate APK Latest Version Download For Android 2019

Vidmate is a most useful application that can free download Videos, songs, games & more entertaining things. This is a most useful application for peoples who like to watch & download movies, tv series for free. You can download a lot of multimedia files from this vidmate app. Specially this vidmate app can process as a web browser from that you can watch live tv programs whether you have not a proper internet connection.

Specification of Vidmate Download

Vidmate is the most popular application around the world.currently more than 6000000+ peoples has been downloaded it is vidmate application. You can install this in a low storage space like 7.6 mb.
Music Download – You can download all your favorite music videos & songs by using vidmate download app.
Android Games Download – By Using vidmate software you can download many Games for free.
TV series Download – If you install vidmate download on your phone you can watch your favorite tv series in many times without missing even a single episode.
Vidmate APK

Advantages of Vidmate Application

  1. You can download videos audios or images by using vidmate app.
  2. There are no any charges for vidmate download. The developers of this app will not charge for installing this vidmate app.
  3. you can enjoy high-quality videos & songs from vidmate app. You can listen online, or you can download those high-quality videos & songs from your phone.

Download vidmate apk for Your Android Mobile

You can download vidmate apk for free on our mirror download link on below. Easily you can install this application.
Download & Install on Android
  • You can download the vidmate apk file from our download option mention below.
  • Next, you should adjust the setting to install the application
  • Then click on download vidmate apk file & click on install icon. After few seconds installation will complete.
  • After the installation completed the message will appear as successfully installed. Now you can use the vidmate application as you wish.


  1. How to install vidmate apk?
If you appear a warning at the first time of installation, you should go settings --> Securityturn on unknown sources.
  1. How to install vidmate apk on pc or iPhone?
Vidmate apk has not published for windows or iOS versions.
  1. How to contact vidmate admin, team?
You can use below link to contact admin team.
  1. What is vidmate application?
This & application for download videos music & images from multimedia units such as facebook, youtube, Instagram, etc.
  1. How to download videos from facebook?
Start the app --> Open the FB site from site navigation --> Sign in to Facebook & download the Video as you wish.

All about the Adguard apk - Download the Latest Official Version

What is Adguard?

The Adguard apk is a useful app that will allow you to get rid of all those ads that appear on your web page and becomes a nuisance to you. With this application, you could block any of those annoying pop-ups, or any other malicious site redirections. All these features are available with just one click and this way you could have your device protected from malicious threats. When these ads that appear are removed, you could go through your web page easily without any distraction.  Your browsing speed also increases. You could get your Smartphone saved from malicious threats such as worms, trojans or phishing. Get the Adguard download and then activate it by clicking on the main button of the interface. Then the protection will start automatically.  On the bar menu, you will find alerts that indicate your internet connection is being protected. With this application, you could keep your information safe 24 hours a day.

Adguard apk

What is the Installation procedure?

Here is the installation procedure. After the download has been finished, you will have to press the Run button, which appears in the Downloads bar, or you will have to click the file with the name adguardInstaller.exe. You would then find the User Account Control dialogue box where it requests to allow the app to make changes to your PC. In here, you will have to click Yes. After that go through the License Agreement, and install the program or customize. You will have to accept the appeared terms and conditions to continue with the installation process.

After that, select the folder on your PC for the app to be installed in that particular place. You could even get the AdGuard installed to a new folder by creating a New Folder and entering the name. Create a desktop shortcut for easy access. Press Next to proceed with installation and wait until the installation is complete.

Adguard apk premium

If you have updated to the premium version, you could access advanced features. It will provide you with reliable and manageable protection and lets you filter web pages. The Premium version will remove all the annoying ads, and blocks loading of dangerous websites. It would also use the local VPN technology to filter traffic without using ROOT privileges. The premium version does several things at once; it lets you remove ads and allows online tracking code directly from the page. It also checks whether the page that you are accessing contains malicious ware and also checks whether apps that have been downloaded from unknown sources include viruses.

Features of Adguard mod apk

The modified version will always secure your privacy.  It will safeguard your data above anything else. You would be safe from online trackers that try to steal all your sensitive information. Your ads are also blocked, and thus only fewer ads get loaded. When fewer ads are loaded, your traffic gets saved. Get the apk file, and install the app. You could save your traffic. The choice is yours, and you could decide what has to be filtered and what should not. There is also the Apps Management tool where you could customize the filtering.

Therefore, you would see that the Adguard is an efficient app that is great at removing annoying ads and boosting your browsing speed. You could also secure your privacy. It is also an app that is safe to use. No longer you are going to have pop-ups and video ads. You could get rid of all the rubbish and be safe while surfing the net.

Download Mobdro apk Latest Official Version

The Mobdro app is an app that allows you to stream movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports, and other stuff. On this application, you could choose a channel. You get to go through a list of channels and then you could watch nonstop episodes or movies.  There are also sporting events that you could access on Mobdro.

You could also get the Mobdro app on your PC.  It is an app that is a powerful video streaming application. It works as the best multimedia platform for downloading all your media files. You could also get this application free without any charge. With its download option, you could get media files and even watch them offline. Mobdro for Mac is excellent, and it supports other platforms as well such as the Android, and iOS.

You could watch quality videos and go through some of its great features. You will not encounter any issue when watching all your favorite TV Shows. You could also install Mobdro easily, and with the Mobdro update,   you could get the best entertainment experience.

Features of Mobdro for Mac

The Mobdro apk comes with several advanced features for video streaming. The Mobdro PC application allows you to filter everything in the application. You could create a bookmark and save all your favorite videos for later use. You could downloads whatever you wish to wash in any format, and you could watch those videos any time offline. There is also the option of sharing. You could share whatever the videos and the movies you like among your friends. You could recommend the best videos to your friends. That’s going to be interesting. If you have the premium version of the app, can remove the ads that annoy you while watching videos on the Mobdro application.

Other features of the Mobdro apk

The application also appears to be a cross-platform application. The Mobdro supports all media files such as Games, Sports, Movies, Video Songs, and Documentaries. The newest version of the app is developed with the latest technologies. The Mobdro supports all types of platforms such as the Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows.

How to Install the Mobdro application?

Open the home page of the application, and next follow the procedures that are going to let you download Mobdro for Windows PC. On the home page, you will see different options given at the top of the screen. Select the platform for Mobdro and then select the download button. With the download option, you could get the app on your device.

Without issues, you would be able to download the Mobdro.  You will have to log in by using a user ID and Password. Thus, you could complete the registration procedure to use the app. Finally, you get to enjoy the best video streaming features.

Once you get the Mobdro apk, you will find it with a unique user interface.  Your system will be able to be free from bugs. When you are getting it for the Android, you would need a Bluestacks Android Emulator. You could get the application free of cost.
Here is all about the Mobdro and how it works. Now you would know about all the exciting features that the Mobdro offers you. You would find the Mobdro apk to be an exciting application that allows you to stream videos. The download procedure is straightforward, and you could select the most popular videos.  After you download the Mobdro, you could enjoy all the above features. The download procedure will also take only a few minutes, and you are ready to go!

Getting Started with the Dubsmash apk

Intro to Dubsmash apk.

The Dubsmash is a popular app. It is an entertaining app. You could have fun with this application. Let us see what you could do with this application. The application is great.  With the Dubsmash you could make lip-sync videos, and even create dance videos. You could also access memes with your favorite music. The Dubsmash database has all new, and the best world’s largest selection of quotes and sounds. All these quotes are found in all your favorite movies, TV shows, and songs! You could look for the movie quotes that you like and you could create a lip sync Dub or meme. You could even share it with your friends. You could also create your dance video and challenge it to your friends. You could even have a lip sync battle with your friends. It is going to be fun. With Dubsmash, you are going to have a great laugh with your friends.  You could also view other Dubsmash creators. You could view trending and featured videos. You could share them with your friends.

Dubsmash apk

How to use the Dubsmash apk?

Here is how you could work with the Dubsmash apk. You will have first to choose your favorite sound on Dubsmash and then record yourself with the music. After that, what you have to do is you can share your recorded Dub with all your friends.  It is an entertaining app, and you are going to love the app. It is fun dubbing the quotes and dialogues of all your favorite lines in movies. You could get the app through your favorite browser and enjoy all its features. You could get the apk file safe and then browse Dubsmash through a speedy Internet connection.

Features of Dubsmash apk

Here are some of the features of the Dubsmash. The Dubsmash is an excellent application for the making of videos. Dubsmash Pro app has excellent features. You could dance to your favorite song and create a video.  Dubsmash also allows you to lip-sync to all your favorite songs and quotes. It is an entertainment app, and you could find trending music. It is the best place where you could try dance challenges and share them with your friends. Its database also allows you to see movie quotes. You could create videos and quotes and share them with your loved ones. You could also record and upload your sounds. The videos that you make on the Dubsmash apk could also be saved in your profile or shared on Instagram, WhatsApp, or Snapchat. Featured videos would be available on your news feed along with trending music and videos.

Dubsmash apk Overview

The Dubsmash is one great app where you could record yourself dubbing funny phrases. You could spend a fun time by dubbing your favorites and sharing them with your friends.  You could share all your recorded stuff on the most popular social media sites such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.
The app is a simple one; you will have to choose an audio file that is already available in the app. Next, you would have to listen to it several times and listen to its sounds attentively.  Next, activate your camera, and start moving your lips so that it fits the clip.  The final output would be you doing the talking. You could watch the video that you shoot and verify that it is a perfect one. If it is perfect, save on your device's memory. The Dubsmash Premium apk version has advanced features.  The Dubsmash mod apk is also available now.

The CCleaner apk - Official Version Download

What is the CCleaner? It is one of the most frequently used and favorite maintenance apps that is available for Windows. On this application, you will find an 'analyze' button; By using this button, you would be indicated how much memory you can free up and how you could free it. With the CCleaner apk, you would see what is cleaned, and the choice is yours whether you would clean your device or not. In addition, you could delete any app, and It also gives you the chance to check your Android device’s CPU, the RAM, the internal memory and battery performance. Once you download this app, you would see that it is an excellent maintenance tool. This tool allows you to keep your Android device in better performance and fast. It is one of the most famous and popular PC and Mac cleaning software. With this application, you could have safe browsing.

Features of the CCleaner application

This application is great at speeding up your phone and removing any junk that is available. It cleans your application cache that could be found in download folders, the browser history, and clipboard content. If you want to uninstall any of the unwanted applications found on your device, you could do so using this application.  You could also free up valuable storage space on your device and also remove junk. The application automatically checks the apps that drain your battery and send you notifications. Also, it traces the apps that consume your data. You could also find apps draining your battery and also discovers unused apps. There is also the Hibernation feature that will speed up the performance of your device. The hibernation feature stops apps from running in the background. With this application, you could also optimize your device, and the user interface is easy to navigate.  The app will only take a small amount of memory and CPU usage. So the app becomes efficient to use. It also tracks the usage of your CPU, the RAM, and internal storage space.

The CCleaner mod apk & CCleaner Premium apk

The CCleaner mod apk comes with optimized graphics and cleaned resources and supports the fast load. It has encrypted all resources, and the analytics have been disabled. Also supports many languages — the premium version or the CCleaner Pro apk has many features unlocked. There is no startup Promo Page and Ads have been removed. Also, the analytics have been disabled, and ads and services calls from Activity have been removed.

The Pro version removes old messages and calls history. Also, it boosts your devices' performance and removes apps that are unnecessary to your device. It also lets you access different parts in your devices such as the primary storage and the secondary storage. It also supports safe browsing.

The CCleaner application in a nutshell

This is the best app that removes junk files and errors on Windows PCs. The CCleaner also helps to recover disk space and will make your PC run faster and more efficient.  The CCleaner is also available for the Mac and Android. The CCleaner is the best app that you could find which detects unnecessary Windows files and applications. The application will allow you to see a dozen types of errors. It will let you save a backup copy before the repair starts. If you need to clean files, you will need to click on the Scan button, which will discover how much waste is there on your device and then by clicking on the Run button; your disk will be cleaned automatically.