Saturday, March 16, 2019

iLauncher APK - OS9 Version Theme Download for Your Android Phone

The open market for apps on android allows multiple developers to showcase their work and it provides the users with a ton of options to choose from. There are numerous apps of different categories on android and the screen customization apps are amongst the most popular out there. The screen customization apps provides the users with the option of customizing the visual appearance of the graphical user interface on their phones. You can choose from a large number of screen launcher apps available on the Google play store and also choose to download iLauncher app from the store.
iLauncher apk

iLauncher apk - iOS 9 Features for Android

The iLauncher apk is a great launcher for home screen allows you the smoothest user interface experience that you can have on your phone. This app is available for more device that have android 4.1 or higher running on their devices. You get some of the top features when you install iLauncher - OS9 on your device. These features include no app drawer, ease of usage, gestures and personalization amongst others.

The no app drawer feature enables you to add all of your apps on desktop and you can access those apps directly from the desktop without requiring app drawer. This allows you to access your apps quickly without going into the app drawer and is thus convenient for the users. Another features that you get when you install iLauncher - OS9 on your device is the ease and comfort of use. With this app, the deletion as well as moving of apps is far more easier and convenient when you compare it to your default home screen launcher.

The iLauncher apk - OS9 also provides gesture feature capabilities for the users. You get the option of setting up multiple different gestures such as swipe down, swipe up as well as actions for the home button. These gestures provide an easier to complete multiple actions and makes your task of using your device even more simple and easier. Besides this you also get amazing personalization options with the iLauncher apk- OS9 home screen launcher app. For instance you can change the grid of the desktop, alter the speed of scrolling, choose to hide or show search bar, use different customizations for the preview of folders and a lot of other additional cool features.

iLauncher Download

This app has a compact size of 2.1 MB and has last been updated on the 23rd of February 2019. This app is made by mate software and it currently has more than a million downloads across different android devices.
The current version of the app  is 1.1.5 and the latest update requires the users to declare some sensitive permissions. Some of the primary permissions that the users are supposed to provide to the app include identity, contacts, phone, media, storage, Wi-Fi information, call and device id information and other peripheral permissions amongst others. If you want you can download the iLauncher pro apk from the internet or install the app from the Google play store.

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