Saturday, March 16, 2019

SIM Toolkit Application for Android Phone - Download Latest Version

The Google play store is a massive platform for the numerous developers who want to launch their apps and products to millions of users. The platform hosts thousands of apps from multiple developers including established big shots and new entrants. Some apps are just for fun and entertainment whereas others are based on productivity to help make your life easier. The SIM Toolkit application from crazy-tech is a useful app that allows you to manage your SIM card and its related tasks.
SIM Toolkit

What to expect from SIM Toolkit application?

The SIM Toolkit application allows you to view the complete information related to your SIM card. The app provides the option of importing and exporting contact numbers, which is really useful when you are changing devices. The app also provides the users with the option of deleting and adding new phone numbers. The app also provides the option of making calls and sending messages from the app. The SIM Toolkit application is a complete SIM management app that makes managing your contacts, messages and calls easier in addition to providing you information about your SIM card.

The SIM Toolkit application also gives the users the ability to delete multiple numbers in one go and make calls as well as handle messages from within the app instantly. Using this application you can also copy numbers as well as text and paste in on the clipboard to be used for any future references. This is a great feature that is very productive and helps in saving time as well as efforts. The primary features offered by SIM Toolkit app include managing the contact number of the SIM, backing up phone number to the SD Card, importing the phone number from the SD Card to the phone storage and adding a new number to the device memory.

Apart from this the SIM Toolkit application provides a lot of detailed and comprehensive information regarding the SIM card as well as your network provider. For instance the SIM Toolkit application provides you information and details about SIM operator, SIM serial number, SIM IMSI, country of origin of the SIM, device id (MEID/IMEI/ESN), type of network, IMEI SV, active roaming status and network type amongst other information.

The popularity of the SIM Toolkit application is evidenced by the fact that the app has received an average rating of 4.3 from the users who have already downloaded this app on their devices. The size of this app is a lightweight 2.2 MB and this app requires an android version of 2.3 and higher for installation. The app has more than 100k installations and the current version of the app is 1.0. Some of the permissions that are required for this app include contacts, phone, media files and photos, storage, call and device id information, full access to the network and ability to view the network connections.

You have a Sim Toolkit Error, Download Latest version or Update Sim Toolkit App

You can download SIM Toolkit app from the Google play store or you can also download the SIM Toolkit apk from the internet.

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